The Turtle programme

The Maputaland coastline is home to 5 of the 7 world turtle species, with 2 breeding on these shores.

This is a project to support the work Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife does to protect turtles on the Maputaland coastline. Our primary role will be to support the turtle project, one of the longest running globally, and the staff who maintain this programme.

We currently support the beach clean ups during the turtle laying and hatching season. This is to prevent any turtles becoming entangled in waste such as plastic bags, fishing line, nets, or any discarded junk most often washed up during high tides and Spring tides. 

We further support the ground teams with equipment and logistics such as fuel or something as simple as a car battery so they can perform their role optimally.

Five of the world’s seven turtle species have been recorded off the Maputaland coastline.

The loggerhead (vulnerable) and leatherback (critically endangered) turtles breed on these shores.

The green turtle (endangered), Hawksbill turtle (critically endangered), and Olive Ridley turtle (vulnerable) are also found off the coast of Maputaland either as residents or as strays.