The Rehabilitation Centre Project

Human-wildlife conflict is on the rise as we encroach more and more into wild areas. A dedicated professional wildlife rehabilitation centre is a pathway for compromised animals to be returned safely into the wild. It also serves as a early warning system for issue in the system such as lead poisoning, or disease outbreaks such as rabies.

This is a FreeMe Wildlife owned and managed centre that Rehabitate will play a support role to. FreeMe Wildlife is one of the most recognised and professional professional wildlife rehabilitation organisations on the continent. They are strongly values driven and focus on human-wildlife conflict. Wild animals brought to FreeMe Wildlife are kept wild and returned to the site of origin when possible. Animals too seriously injured and unable to be returned to the wild and live a free life are euthanased rather than condemning them to a lifetime of captivity and trauma. Their centres are further closed to the public to prevent animal welfare decisions being affected by finances, they complete all activities fully permitted and share their highs and lows publicly for transparency and to help share awareness.

There is currently no such legal centre based in the Maputaland and Zululand regions and animals need to make an 8 hour roundtrip to the closest centre. 

Project Status

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