The pangolin programme

Pangolins are like mini T-rexes but with a much softer, gentler nature. They are considered the most poached animal in the world and were until recently functionally extinct in KwaZulu-Natal.

Our founding members were instrumental in putting together the original concept, reserve identification, and a strategy for reintroducing pangolins to the region. This concept document simply got the ball rolling and the project was implemented by the exceptional and forward thinking managers at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and later Manyoni Private Game Reserve. The two reserves partnered with the African Pangolin Working Group and today there are healthy populations again in KwaZulu-Natal.

Rehabitate has since provided ID kits to aid in the identification of ant and termite prey species as well as brought in Africa’s top ant expert to give ant advice.  We hope to complete a large study on regional prey preference and help calculate the carrying capacity of the reserves for future re-introductions. 

Rehabitate currently supports the project through funding tracking devices and other expenses largely through our Wildlife Experiences programme.