The Magical Sand Forest

Sand Forest is a relic forest that simply shouldn't exist. It is breathtakingly beautiful and when you are in the Sand Forest, you can feel you are standing in the midst of something magical and ancient.

The evergreen Sand Forest in the background

The Sand Forest is typically extends from southern Mozambique down to northern KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and grows on ancient sand dune systems. The sand dunes run north to south and are believed to possibly be ancient shorelines. The Sand Forest is endemic to Maputaland and is considered South Africa’s most endangered vegetation type. 

The Sand Forest is also know as Licuati forest and is a tropical dry forest type or semi-deciduous dry forest. It is recognised as one of the driest forests on the planet. 

Sand Forest grows in isolated patches of short and tall forest on the inland north-south running ancient sand dunes. These patches are surrounded by 

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