The community Centre Project

Rural Communities in Maputaland have little access to opportunities to improve their social and economic well being.

The Community Centre is a planned community centre within community lands that is easily accessible, apolitical, and open to all religions, and genders. The centre project is being conducted with partner organisations AL-ORG and Impact4A and the local community. The Centre will be the base for organisations currently working in the communities that need a permanent base to share resources and expertise. It will further welcome partner organisations who adhere to the values and principles of our vision. It will include organisations from the social, economic, and environmental pillars of sustainability.

Both case work and outreach programmes will be completed for Gender Based Violence, HIV/AIDS, orphans, child-headed households, substance abuse, the disabled, the elderly etc. and include regular soup kitchens.

Training and trade skills workshops and courses (certified) will be conducted, as well as access to the National Curriculum online, environmental and agricultural programmes, kids’ camps, STEM based programmes, and more. Communities will be able to request courses they feel are relevant to their needs.

A business incubator unit will support and guide young entrepreneurs and advise on organizational structures and governance, business courses on budgets, marketing, business plans etc. – with potential access to funding for start-ups.

Primary partner organisations have been identified and multiple stakeholder meetings and workshops completed. The community has been engaged and included in foundational discussions. The project site has been identified and surveyed. The proposal draft is in final stages and potential donors and corporates approached with positive responses. Meetings with the Social Development committee members have occurred, with follow up meetings with the full committee and Tribal Authority as next steps. 

Project Status