Reserve Support

Reserves are managed on a fraction of the budgets required. This means they often lack important equipment and supplies.

Ubuntu Wildlife Trust supports key reserves so they can complete maintenance projects and simply function in some cases.

We have supplied items such as:

  • 4 mobile signal boosters for critical rhino reserves
  • paint for offices, staff quarters and entrance gate for maintenance
  • specialised paint for abattoir maintenance
  • 5 mini compressors for section ranger and management vehicles in the field
  • large compressors for workshops on reserves
  • Knapsack sprayers for alien plant work
  • Solar panels for communication networks
  • a washing machine for rangers in Kruger National Park area
  • 15 machetes and grass slashers for field work
  • water pipes
  • trailer and vehicle tyres
  • multiple bridge salaries for key staff and work
  • printers for management offices
  • Large safe for securing weapons and important documents
  • Rechargeable headlamps