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Research Projects

Regional Species Lists and Descriptions

Regional species lists are maintained and feed into various national and biological data bases globally. Various potential new distributions, new records, and possible new species are currently being investigated).

Surveys and Assessments

Eyed-Flower Mantis Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii

Regular regional Surveys and Assessments have been contributed to and completed with the following still planned or being piloted:

  • Ground Dwelling Spider survey Greater Ukuwela Nature Reserve (planned)
  • General spider survey (current ongoing)
  • Bats Survey regional (planned)
  • Fish Survey Msinene River (planned)
  • General Entomology Survey (current ongoing)
  • General plant and Fungi survey (current ongoing)
  • General wildlife survey (mammals, birds, reptiles – current ongoing)
  • Ant survey regional (pilot)
  • Air quality survey regional (pilot)
  • Water quality survey regional (baseline completed)