Ranger Programme

The job of a ranger is not easy. Working in >45° C temperatures with humidty close to 100%, in thick thorny bush, and patrolling many kilometres per day surrounded by extremely dangerous wildlife while facing off with armed poachers.

The least each ranger should have is the tools to do their work well and safely. We provide equipment and uniforms for rangers as requested by the reserve. 

So far we have provided uniforms for 81 rangers, 30 bush hats, and 30 pairs of specialised military style boots to anti-poaching unit and rangers. 

The primary role of a ranger is to patrol the reserve. They record wildlife sightings and mortalities, look for incursions, and any break-outs or break-ins, remove snares and fix fence lines, and such much more. This means an exceptional amount of walking in tough isolated terrain.

The wear and tear on a pair of boots in these environments is intense and and ranger is lucky to get a full year out of them before the soles are worn, boots are torn to shreds, and uniforms become ripped.

A good pair of boots and suitable uniform are arguably the most essential pieces of equipment a ranger can have.

Having decent uniforms and good strong boots that are light but tough can be the difference between life and death and make the work of a ranger so much easier.