Plants of Value Programme

Being part of a biodiversity hotspot and a centre of plant endemism means you have many unique and sought-after plants.

Many of the plants have high commercial value and are sought after by collectors and growers and are often illegally harvested. Even more of these plants have cultural and traditional medicine value, craft value, or are threatened due to loss of habitat and over utilisation. 

 All these things have led to drastic decline in certain species as well as shortages of others for traditional uses.

Rehabitate has started a pilot project for selected species to provide solutions for the issues faced by certain plants. This is the groundwork for restoration projects, and a community focused nursery. We aim to rehabitate these species as well as provide sustainable pathways for the communities to access medicinal plants and plants required to craft baskets, mats and wooden items as a source of income.

Indigenous crops of fruit, nuts and grains have also been identified and currently being explored as potential revenue streams for communities in a sustainable manner that encourages indigenous habitats and species.

So far we have identified more than 50 indigenous plants of potential food security and commercial value, while hundreds have traditional medicinal and craft value.