PeteMed programme

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K9 Units
Wildlife Clinics

Purposeful and accidental poisoning of animals are a regular occurrence.

Very often the site of the poisoning is far from help and by the time the animal is taken to the veterinarian, the toxins have already been absorbed and there is less chance of survival.

Rehabitate Wildlife Fund has partnered with PeteMed to supply frontline wildlife entities with PeteMed units. This neutralizes poisons and toxins before they are systemically absorbed.

Petemed works on a variety of toxins including aldicrab (Temik) which is often used for planned poisoning events. We support domestic animals (dogs) in K9 units on the frontlines of wildlife protection, and wild animals through various wildlife clinics and rehabilitation organisations.

 K9 units are actively targeted by syndicate poachers, while predators such as hyenas, leopard, and jackals are targeted using baited carcasses. This often leads to the poisoning of vultures, yellow-billed kites and other raptors. Owls ingest rodenticides as can other animals either directly or indirectly through prey species.

The areas we work in are also extremely biodiverse and there are multiple toxic plants, grasshoppers, and more that can cause the death of the dogs or other species. PeteMed gives the handlers a chance to save their partners. 

We support various K9 units such as in Kruger National Park, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, Manyoni Private Game Reserve, &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and many more. 

In addition we supply to organisations and wildlife veterinary clinics such as FreeMe Wildlife, Wildlife ACT, the Zululand Wildlife Treatment Centre, Ikhala Veterinary Wildlife Services, Vulpro, and many others. Petemed supplies them at cost and Rehabitate purchases them to give to frontline wildlife carers for free.

Multiple animals have already directly been saved through this programme. 

So far PetEMed has successfully been used on the following wild species:

  • Cheetah (Vulnerable)
  • White backed vulture (Critically Endangered)
  • Martial Eagle (Endangered)
  • Tawny Eagle (Vulnerable)
  • Grey Crowned Crane (Endangered)
  • Yellow-billed Kite
  • Barn Owl
  • Spotted Eagle Owl