Our Story

Our Story So Far

Since 2015 we have been working hard to protect and rehabitate one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. Maputaland is part of a world biodiversity hotspot and a Centre of Endemism.

In 2015 we formed a small but flexible charity called The Wild Lion Trust NPC. The primary purpose was for this entity to compliment the work of a global group of charities working together to protect biodiversity. It didn’t have any fulltime employees and was uncomplicated and fulfilled a niche roll. After completing some truly impactful projects, we understood in 2018 that this entity was no longer necessary. The other charities we were involved with had grown to fill this space, and our full time attention was required there. We chose to allow the entity to become dormant.

Fast forward to 2020 and we started to see that there were pressing needs in the conservation work in our area that required support and attention. We then turned to our dormant charity, the Wild Lion Trust, and decided to repurpose it and focus on it full time. To do this we formed Ubuntu Wildlife Trust UK in the United Kingdom in 2020 and repurposed the South African entity briefly as Rehabitate Wildlife Fund before becoming Ubuntu Wildlife Trust South Africa in 2022.

The original founders and members are still very much involved with two members now employed fulltime to focus on implementation on the ground. With the new founders and trustees bringing in expertise and new ideas, Ubuntu Wildlife Trust has begun to grow rapidly through ambitious, bold, and innovative projects that will leave lasting legacies.

Our aim is remain flexible and share resources and ideas with partner organisations so we can lower overheads and increase project funding, but never in a way that can limit the potential of the projects. We also strongly believe in sustainable approaches that take into account the environment as an interdependent and interlinked portion of the socioeconomics of the people directly impacted by, or who have an impact on, the environment.

We follow the systems view of the Pillars of Sustainability and the One Health concept as described by the United Nations and associated organisations which align with the African philosophy of Ubuntu.

We are strongly values driven.

To protect, rehabilitate, conserve, and preserve historical habitats of biodiverse value, and associated species in southern Africa, following the pillars of sustainability.

To become the leading science based environmental charity defined by the highest ethical standards and driven by our core values.


  • To secure and protect biodiverse habitats, and associated species, crucial for conservation, preservation, and forming linkages and corridors between existing reserves, with a view to restore Maputaland’s ancient wildlife migration routes
  • To support sustainable and community owned projects in rural communities surrounding critical biodiverse areas that are linked to conservation or enhance the local support for conservation, with particular focus on nature, health, skills development, entrepreneurship, and engaging education. Engagement leads to Involvement which leads to Education
  • To function within the pillars of sustainability to include Environmental, Social, and Economic upliftment, and include ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change on a local scale 
  • To remain committed to preventing the illicit wildlife trade and the protection of the natural environment which affects us as a global community through example
  • To raise environmental awareness through our projects, and engage a multiple of stakeholders and donors 
  • To inspire and nurture a new generation to connect with the natural world
  • To support like minded implementing partners on the ground in fulfilment of our mission