Limpopo Lion Project

Research into lion habitats informs us of how the system is working and what can be done to further secure it.

Ubuntu Wildlife Trust supported the Greater Limpopo Lion Project in Mozambique. There were approximately 100 free-roaming wild lions in the Mozambique component of the Greater Limpopo Lion Conservation Unit at the time of the project, with sufficient prey to support more than 300 hundred lions.

The objectives were to determine the space used by lion prides through GPS tracking and use these data to:

  1. target snare removal, poisoned carcass removal and conflict mitigation from identified lion home-ranges,
  2. target snare removal in key potential lion habitat to facilitate the natural re-colonization of lions, and
  3. implement a targeted monitoring program (using camera trapping) of lion status and poaching trends to enable adaptive conservation management of the region’s wild lion population.

We provided the project with:

  • A DanInject Dart gun with DanInject barrel and a second PneuDart barrel 
  • Hard carry case
  • Red dot scope
  • Specialised batteries
  • 43 Pneudarts
  • 5 Practice darts
  • 6 CO2 gas cylinders
  • 2 Lion stretchers
  • Funding to cover logistics of Fuel, Food, and Accommodation for the duration of the project.