Jemma Hearn

Board Member

A true country girl, Jemma is most comfortable being outdoors, exploring and enjoying the beauty of the natural world. She has always had a passion for animals and has dedicated her life to caring for and protecting them.

Jemma holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Conservation Science and an Advanced Diploma in Animal Management. She has completed volunteer work in multiple organisations and charities after her college years and spent valuable time working at an equine rehabilitation centre. She has further worked on various animal conservation projects in the United Kingdom and in Transylvania, Romania. 

Jemma has always been an advocate for wildlife and protecting the environment. She has a particular passion for the oceans and is a keen scuba diver dedicated to protecting marine areas and all its species.

 Jemma was born, and lives in Devon, United Kingdom with her family. She owns and runs a small business that contributes towards the conservation work she is so passionate about.