Communications project

For managers, anti-poaching units, rangers and research staff to always remain connected is vital for many reasons on a reserve.

Battling the constant scourge of syndicated poaching requires reliable communications. So does any response to an injured animal, or one that has broken out the reserve and into the community. 

Reserves have many ways to stay in touch but they don’t all reach every corner and are not always up and running. Having options improves the connectivity of those making decisions and those on the front line and enhances staff and animal safety.

Rehabitate installed 3 brand new signal booster aerials and repair one existing aerial in Ndumo Game Reserve.

This allowed for strong reliable mobile signal to reach between the reserve offices, the managers house, the research house and ranger camp.

This project was done with AliSom Communications, Vodacom, and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife on Ndumo Game Reserve